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About Us

Headquartered in Tanzania, BBG Minerals is ardently devoted to providing unparalleled services in mineral processing, procurement, and logistics. Our predominant aim is to extend an elevated level of customer service and satisfaction, while also maintaining a keen focus on economic viability and quality assurance.

We firmly believe in establishing a safe and secure working atmosphere for all our staff and clientele. This commitment is mirrored in our steadfast compliance with rigorous safety standards and methodologies.

At BBG Minerals, our pride lies in being a company that places the customer at the core of our operations and embraces technological innovation. We stand dedicated to providing superior services to our clientele while concurrently ensuring that our operations are conducted in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.

The Team:

At BBG Minerals, the foundation of our success is cemented by the proficiency and commitment of our team members. Our crew is comprised of seasoned professionals, boasting extensive knowledge in the conveyance of cargo through air, sea, and terrestrial routes, coupled with expertise in cargo safeguarding and oversight. Additionally, we provide escort services across hostile and secluded areas to guarantee the secure and punctual delivery of our clients’ minerals.

Beyond our transport experts, our ensemble also includes a cadre of local specialists, such as geologists and mineral processing experts. These specialists render pivotal insights and assistance throughout the entire mining and trading trajectory, ensuring that our clients are accorded the apex quality of minerals and services.


At BBG Minerals, we continuously seek skilled and motivated professionals to enhance our team. Our company’s prosperity is deeply interconnected with our employees’ success, and we are devoted to fostering a workplace that encourages both personal and career development. If the mineral industry sparks your interest and you’re in pursuit of a vibrant, rewarding career, explore our career opportunities and consider joining the BBG Minerals team.


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Kyerwa Candice, Karagwe